EPIPEN Team Meeting

January 20th, 2017

Lunatus collaborated with Allergy Network Dubai (AND) and Dr Michael Loubser for an internal training session on food allergies and the potentially life-saving effects of Epipen. The session was held at the Pullman Hotel in JLT, Dubai, in January, earlier this year.

The training was attended by the Lunatus team, where Dr Loubser shared his knowledge, along with the founder of Allergy Network Dubai, Sarah Decker, and a fellow member Ghadeer, who both have kids who suffer from anaphylaxis. Sarah and Ghadeer shared their heart-wrenching stories of the impact that anaphylaxis and food allergies have on families. This brought the seriousness of the situation to light, and the Dr Loubser then went on to provide the medical background behind anaphylaxis, and the guidelines supporting the use of EpiPen for children and adults.

The most important lesson attendees took away from the session was the importance of being well-informed and ready with the appropriate first-line response to this serious condition.

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